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If you're a manufacturing leader with a team going through change, this blog is for you. Get simple tips and strategies on the hottest topics, from overcoming change fatigue to navigating the ‘but we've always done it this way’ culture complex. Change can be tough, but you can make it simple.

Activating Change: How to Get Everyone On Board activate change process reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

It's time! After months of hard work, preparation, and planning, the change is here. Activation marks the launch of the operational plan and is the moment where people, processes, technology, and...

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Ready, Set, Activate the Change! activate change process reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

Are you ready for a change? Is your team ready? Change can be hard and scary at first, but it’s important to remember that change is necessary for growth. That's why activation is such an...

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How to Advocate for Change in Your Organization advocate change process reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

As a leader, you know it can be difficult to get your employees on board with change initiatives. Even when people understand the necessity of making changes, there’s still resistance as they...

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Educating Leaders & Teams change process educate reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

Are you a change manager? If so, you know that executing a successful change requires more than just planning and implementation. It also requires educating leaders and teams on the behaviors,...

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