Change Made Simple.

Using our proven three-step change-capability process, Reframe builds change-strong companies that thrive during workplace transition. Whether your company has recently been acquired, is preparing to sell, is going through a generational hand-off, or is simply striving for a healthier, high-performing culture, Reframe is your go-to expert.

Our Three-Step Process

Since 2006, Reframe has supported businesses through workplace transition and is on a mission to simplify it. How do you lead change from the plant floor or sales field? How do you move a culture forward when stuck in old ways? And how do you run the business and focus on strategic priorities simultaneously? You'll be happy to know that we figured it out. Here's how:   


What We Do

Is your company going through a change that requires employees to embrace new ways of working and do something different? That's our expertise. We help you build a business that thrives during workplace transition using our three step process:

  1. We educate your leaders
  2. We assess your culture's strengths, weaknesses, work environment, communication style, and values
  3. Then we build you a tailor-made implementation plan proven to work and hit your financial targets 



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ChangeLead Pro Starts August 5, 2025

Reframe's six week online change leadership course gives you all the skills, processes, and tools needed to build a high-performing team that thrives during workplace change! 

  • 18 hours of virtual¬†change leadership training
  • Six virtual coaching sessions¬†with¬†an executive change coach
  • ChangeLead Pro workbook to guide you through the course
  • Lifelong access to the course dashboard and online community for continued learning and networking
  • Change leadership¬†certificate of completion



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Introducing Reframe Consulting Group

We exist to create a thriving economy by mobilizing high-performing businesses through the mastery of change.

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