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Activating Change: How to Get Everyone On Board

activate change process reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

It's time! After months of hard work, preparation, and planning, the change is here. Activation marks the launch of the operational plan and is the moment where people, processes, technology, and cultural changes come together. We all know that change isn't easy - especially on a large scale. So how do you ensure everyone is on board? Let’s look at what practitioners, managers, and sponsors can do to make sure the activation process runs smoothly.

Practitioners play an important role in activating change - they're responsible for helping managers drive the change and for educating teams about new skills, knowledge, and behaviors. They need to stay close with managers to provide guidance during hyper-care periods (when new systems or processes are implemented). Plus, they need to remain agile so that any necessary adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently.

Managers have an equally important job when it comes to activating a change initiative. They must partner closely with practitioners to monitor progress within their area of the business. Managers also need to model desired behaviors and positively challenge processes if needed. Most importantly though they should empower their team members so they can bring their best selves forward while adapting to new changes.

Sponsors are vital when it comes to keeping everyone focused on the vision behind the change initiative. They need to provide reminders as well as encouragement, recognition, and celebration for wins along the way. Additionally, sponsors should help guide individuals through difficult moments by mentoring them through challenges associated with changing behaviors and habits.

When it comes down to it, activating a large-scale change initiative requires collaboration from everyone involved; practitioners, managers, sponsors – all playing their part in ensuring success! By staying close with one another during this process, we can create an environment of trust where communication is open and honest allowing us all to collectively move forward towards our goal!  With everyone playing their part in activating change initiatives successfully, we will be able achieve great results!


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