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If you're a business leader with a team going through change, this blog is for you. Get simple tips and strategies on the hottest topics, from overcoming change fatigue to navigating the ‘but we've always done it this way’ culture complex. Change can be tough, but you can make it simple.

From hot mess to smooth success: Get organized for your next change project change leadership organize Jan 08, 2024

Ever find yourself frantically searching for a document or trying to schedule a meeting at the last minute? You're not alone. Disorganization can be a major hindrance to achieving your goals,...

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The Game-Changing Trend in Change Management: How Meditation is Transforming the Industry behavior engage workplace well-being Jan 04, 2024

Change management veterans, listen up! There's a hot new trend revolutionizing the industry, and it's called meditation. Yes, you heard that right. This age-old practice of mindfulness and...

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2024 Change Management Trends: What CEOs Need to Know change leadership change process culture Dec 22, 2023

Change Management has become integral to running a business that wants to remain relevant and competitive in 2024. As we enter this new year, companies must anticipate the Change Management trends...

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Five Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated and Engaged During Times of Change engage Dec 22, 2023

In 2024, changes will likely unfold in your organization, whether a new process, technology, or policy. And while change is good and necessary for growing and maintaining a productive business, it...

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