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Level up your change management game with the Change Circle membership. Get instant access to tips, tools, and podcasts on the go. Manage change projects like a boss and get the results you crave. From navigating the people-side of change to becoming a change process expert, our membership has got you covered. Leading change has never been easier. Don't miss out, sign up for the membership now.

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Get certified as a change coach with REFRAME's 9-week online program. Lead organizational change like a pro as a Change Management Consultant, Coach, or Business Leader. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to the Reframe Change Management Model and cutting-edge strategies rooted in Neuroscience and advanced change management principles. Level up your career and enroll now!

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Need help navigating change? Look no further than our REFRAME change consultants. We'll take care of your change projects from start to finish, crafting a strategy that guarantees success. Leave the hard work to us while you focus on the results that will make your company thirve.

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Build your team’s change leadership capability in 9-weeks! Reframe’s online change coach certification program turns leaders into change-champions. They'll master the art of leading process, crafting strategies, and rallying teams to ace any change challenge. Our Corporate Change Program is your secret weapon to staying ahead in the game. Don't miss out on the competitive advantage - sign up now!

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I'm Gina Soleil, Founder & CEO of Reframe Consulting Group - The Change Experts


Most companies make change more difficult than it needs to be because no one showed them how to make it simple. That's REFRAME; we're REFRAMING how companies do change. Making it simple to implement and simple to stick.

​Today, if you want to maintain competitive advantage, your company needs to be able to change in the best, quickest, easiest, most efficient way possible and get results. REFRAME is how you get results.

At REFRAME Consulting Group change management is our jam. We live it. Breathe it. And through our Change Circle App, change coach programs, and consulting services we help you master it...simply.

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Most companies make change management more difficult than it needs to be. In this exclusive eBook, you’ll get tips & strategies for making change simple to implement, and simple to stick!

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“Gina’s insight and extensive experience was exactly what our growing company needed. She listened closely and provided excellent honest feedback to help us overcome troublesome areas within our management level.”

– Kris Szafranski of Software Mentor
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How to make change simple to implement & stick.
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How to manage change fatigue and well-being.
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