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We understand change comes in different sizes. Whether you have a business undergoing small, medium or large-scale change we have you covered. We offer three simple change management packages with one big impact...results. When partnering with REFRAME, all your change aspirations are possible.  


The best solution for your small business or corporate team. You'll partner with one of our change management coaches who will design the right change strategy for you, guide you through each step of the REFRAME process, and help your team master skills to make change happen.

Our training series provides the ideal training for medium or large businesses that want to get change savvy. During this training you'll learn how to master change leadership skills in 8-weeks. At the end of the 8-weeks you'll be leading change like a boss; getting results in the best, quickest, easiest, most efficient way possible while building a seriously strong change muscle for your business.

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Perfect for corporate businesses going for big change. You'll receive a tailored change management experience that includes Sr. Change Leadership support, Change Manager(s), and program manager services. To top it off you have access to our customizable portfolio of communication and educational solutions.

No need to get jealous... if you like an offer in a different package it can be yours too! Mix and match through our à la carte service menu.

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