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Change Management
Coach Certification

Be different & help your clients fly.

Become a Certified Reframe Change Coach and learn how to master leading-edge change management skills in 8-weeks.

The first change management certification to recognize human energy as the primary influence of organizational change. During the program, you'll learn how to harness the power of process, energy, and neuroscience to manage change fatigue, inspire adoption, eliminate roadblocks, and get measurable results while building a seriously strong change management muscle for your company or clients.

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Reframe Change Coach?

  • Advance your change management career through the credibility of certification

  • Expand your network of change professionals globally

  • Receive mentoring from an Executive Reframe Change Coach during and after certification

  • Achieve measurable change management results for your clients in meaningful ways

  • Feel good, productive, and fueled by the change work you do because you know how to manage effective change, your energy, and establish work/life boundaries in healthy ways

  • Experience lifetime access to leading-edge change management tools, resources and education

Is this the right program for you? If you answer yes to the following questions you're a perfect fit.

  • Have you ever felt frustrated because politics, change fatigue, lack of leader accountability, and/or poor sponsorship have derailed change management projects?

  • Do you consider yourself empathic--experiencing exhaustion because you take on other people's emotions while managing change?

  • Do you geek out when it comes to personal well-being, human-behavior, and process?

  • Do you want to help your clients or company finally master change management? 

  • And most important, do you want to become a healthy, productive, and incredibly successful change management coach?

What you'll experience during the program:

  • Certified in 8-weeks 

  • 12 virtual on-demand courses

  • Mobile app to complete certification anytime, anywhere

  • Live weekly coaching calls 

  • Exclusive membership to 'The Change Expert Network TM' for continued education and collaboration

Schedule a 15-minute enrollment call to learn more about registration.

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