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Get organized for change with the REFRAME model

change process organize reframe change model Apr 04, 2023

If you’ve been considering a change in your organization, you may be interested in learning more about The REFRAME Change Management Model. This model is known for its simple and practical approach to organizational change. It provides six steps that help organizations make sure the change is successful. But before beginning any of those steps, it’s important to get organized for the change effort. Let’s look at what should be done in step one of The REFRAME Model.

It All Starts with an Aim

The first step in getting organized for a change project is understanding your aim. What is the goal? You must know this and be able to clearly articulate it when explaining the project to stakeholders or team members. This includes being able to answer questions such as “What?”, “Why?”, “How?”, “Who?”, “When?” and “Where?” so you can have a shared understanding of what needs to be done and how it will be achieved.

Complete a Project Charter

Once the aim has been established, create a project charter which will serve as your roadmap. This document should include information about the scope of the project, key deliverables, timeline, budget information and more. Be sure to consider all angles when creating this document – from who will be responsible for various tasks throughout the process to what resources are needed – so that everyone understands their role in making sure that change is successful.

Build Relationships with Sponsors

Partnering closely with executive sponsors is an important part of getting organized for any change effort since they play an important role in driving success within their respective departments or organizations. Make sure that sponsors understand their responsibility related to managing the process and provide them with guidance on how best to socialize their vision internally so that everyone understands why this change needs to occur and how it will benefit them personally and professionally. Also, identify other influencers who can help promote the initiative within their networks - from senior executives who can provide additional support or resources if needed -to mid-level managers whose endorsement could help drive adoption among employees further down on the org chart. 

Organizing for a successful organizational change requires careful planning up front - from knowing your aim and creating a project charter to building relationships with sponsors and identifying influencers who can help spread awareness about the initiative throughout various departments or divisions within your organization. When done right, The REFRAME Change Management Model offers six clear steps that can help ensure success along every step of your journey towards transformation no matter what industry or sector you are working in!


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