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REFRAME Consulting Group has one vision...
to make change simple.

Giraffe entering a door and gets out as an elephant . Changing mindset and different appro

"Most companies make change more difficult than it needs to be, because no one showed them how to make it simple. That's REFRAME; we're REFRAMING how companies do change. Making it simple to implement. And making it simple to stick."

- Gina Soleil, President

The world is rapidly changing and you no longer have the luxury of spending time on slow transformations. If you want to maintain competitive advantage, you need to be able to change in the best, quickest, easiest, most efficient way possible and get results. REFRAME is how you get results.


At REFRAME Consulting Group change management is our jam. We live it. Breathe it. And help you master it...simply.

Client Examples
Small or large we have you covered...


Best Buy


American Foods Group

Batteries Plus

Blue Stem Brand


Network Medics

Minnehaha Animal Hospital

Wipro Technologies

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